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Steve Heilig, MPH

Trained at five University of California campuses in public health, medical ethics, addiction medicine, economics, environmental sciences, and other disciplines, Heilig's work includes positions at the San Francisco Marin Medical Society, California Pacific Medical Center, University of California, and as co-editor of the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. He has long served on the editorial board and as guest editor of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. He was a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow in Drug Policy, co-chair of the San Francisco anti-tobacco coalition, a board member of Alcohol Justice, member of California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom's Commission on Marijuana Policy, a drug educator at public and private schools, and has co-chaired a national conferences on drug education and MDMA. He has served on many nonprofit boards and appointed commissions, and is a trained hospice worker.

Steve has worked with Dr. David Smith for decades on many issues, starting with getting Addiction Medicine officially recognized as a subspecialty by the California and American Medical Associations, and has co-authored many articles with Dr. Smith. He and Dr. Smith have both received the California Medical Association’s highest award for service to public health and medicine.